Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gas Prices

For those of you who are interested. We had a "consumer panic" with the hurricane coming and gas prices went out of control. There was a limit of 10 gallons per customer at some gas stations. Here is the breakdown for the past 48 hours (of what I observed).

Friday 10:00am - $3.59
12:30pm - $3.99 (I topped off the tank)
6:30pm - $4.25
7:45pm - $4.35

Saturday 9:30am - $4.37
1:30pm - $4.24
9:00pm - $3.99

Nice huh! I think it is retarded - but oh well, what can I do.


Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

Ug! That is awful. So sorry!

Southern Belle said...

So I found out the reason it went to 3.99 was because they ran out of gas! AH!!

Natalie said...

I was so excited to fill up at costco today for 3.60 something! I thought that was incredible. At least the price is coming back down. Crazy