Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July - Colbert Parade

We went to the "ever so entertaining" Colbert parade again this year. It's funny to see what they might have as the entries. This year, we did not see any confederate soldiers walking along with union soldiers as prisoners - but it has been done....rather, we had the slide and pool set up for the dog!
Ali enjoyed the parade from the stroller, at times.
Shawn and the girls, also our friend Joy.
Broderick Family Photo - as best as we can get.
The first of the "mini" caravan
The one and only marching band!
Baby enjoying the show!
The mini 4x4 - always fun to watch.
This was a new entry - a mini truck and 5th wheel!!  I don't know how those people drive these things!
Slug Bug - YELLOW!!
The most comfortable ride for sure!  Yes - we are in podunk country out here!!
Collecting candy from street - we came home with probably 2 lbs. of hard tact sweets!  yucky!!
Commence the tractor parade - I think there were about 15-20 tractors!
The highlight of the parade (for Shawn) the Delorian!! 

Hence all the pictures - "Can you take me back to the future?"

We sure had a fun time. The parade was on Saturday. We were done about 11:00am, then came home and went swimming, had a picnic and a fun relaxing afternoon!!

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sdbroder said...

Yeah!!! I loved seeing the DeLorean! Thanks for the fun day.