Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ali turns 2!

Ali turned 2 years old last week....I can't believe it!! Here are the highlights of the day. Shawn had to leave for school at 7:30 - so we had her presents ready, in case she woke up before he was gone. She did....don't you love her "Happy" face?ok - she just needed help with the tape. However, I think Andie was more excited to see what everything was!

I LOVE the picture below because you get a glimpse of her "scowl" that she gives whenever she doesn't want to do something you ask. Shawn had just said, "Ali, pull out the tissues!" And her response, "Don't tell me how to open my presents dad!"

She loved all of her presents....but was mad at the bracelet's because she couldn't get them off her hand! "STUCK!!"
Shawn left for school and we made pancakes. She got the number 2!

"Birthday Girl....let's take your picture!"

That night, we took the girls to Chuck E Cheese!! Ali got a special "happy birthday" sticker and she was SO excited. We had never been before and we all had a BLAST!There was a ride the "sketched" their picture....that was fun!They were both watching the monitor that shows your picture, not the camera....but I thought they turned out cute.
Time for PIZZA! or in Ali's words, "Pizza, Pizza....HOORAY!"

Pizza Faces.

Ali was busy scoping out all the games while she was eating....plotting her every move.
The girls LOVED playing all the games and "riding the rides."

We ended the day getting ice cream. We went to a place called "marble slab" a knock off cold stone. It was fun to share...Ali would say "switch" about every 30 seconds.

Ali, we love you so much!! She is our "BIG" girl and is so fun! She's a great sister and is going to be a great "big" sister in a few more weeks!!

Happy Birthday!!

PS - if you want to know her stats....she weighs 35.4 lbs. and is 38 inches tall. The nurse told me an average 2 year old is 27 lbs. and 34 inches tall. YES....once again, she is off the charts!


Sharron said...

Wow, I 've never been to a Chuck E Cheese. Looks like quite the place to have a really fun time with the kids. Love the pictures, you all look great!

Happy Birthday kiddo!

The Pratts said...

How fun - Looks like you guys had a great time! She looks so cute - I love her hair! We have never been to Chucky Cheese, but we may have to go on the next "big day" to see how they like it. Happy Birthday Ali!!!

ps: I wasn't surprise with the "off the charts" thing, that is awesome! She is so dang cute! But I watched a little boy yesterday that make Al look like a light weight... he was 7 months and 24lbs. It was crazy - Harrison is 9 months and only 18 lbs. What was worse is that he wanted to be held the whole time and he didn't really support himself very well - it was like 25lbs of blob - I literally couldn't do it, I had to sit on the floor with him on my lap. So funny!

Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

Wow she's bigger than kaylee and I thought kaylee was big lol

Whittney said...

Happy Birthday Ali!!! Looks like you guys had a fun night!

Ranay said...

What a fun day! Someday we'll have to go to Chuck-e-cheese. My boys see commercials for it all the time and beg to go! What adorable girls you have!

Dawnell said...

I love the scowl picture! I'm excited to catch up with your girls in a couple of months!

Pratt Family said...

Sure looks like you had a great birthday Ali!!! Love all your funny faces, you are such a silly girl. What a fun evening having pizza and ice cream. As for your 2 yr oh my....You are sure growing lots. Logan might weigh 30lbs if we're lucky. Love you lots.

Natalie said...

This girl can sure make some faces! What a fun day. And I can't believe she's two already?! Where does the time go?