Friday, July 16, 2010

Savannah, GA

On Friday, after Shawn's class, we headed down to Savannah. It's about 4 hours away and the girls did great. We stayed in a nice hotel by the airport, with a great continental breakfast.

Friday night, we went down to river street and had dinner. We ate a place called Tubby's. It was yummy - and you definitely have to watch the video below of will enjoy!
Our view from River Street.
After dinner, we drove around the historic district, which was neat to see some of the old homes. To be honest, we weren't that impressed with Savannah. We thought it was worn down, old and dirty. But....we did love Tybee Island and the beach!! That made the trip worth it!

It took the girls a little bit to warm up to waves splashing them, but once they did, they were fearless.The beach/water was warm, beautiful and just PERFECT!!The girls loved digging in the sand and would jump in their holes when the water came, to make sure it didn't wash away
Adalyn was great. She just slept in the stroller and hung out with us near the water. She's such a great baby!

We had a great time.

Ali eating a lemon. SO funny.


Katie Jo said...

I just bought the sun dress for Brette's baby hehe... love Target! :)

Emily S. said...

I just love that video! I think it is too funny how Allie just kept on eating it! What a funny little girl.

Whittney said...

Ali is hilarious!!! I'm sad you didn't like Savannah! Touring the homes is what makes Savannah I think. You learn all about the history of the area which is pretty special. Looks like you guys had fun thought!

Pratt Family said...

What a fun trip to the ocean, glad the girls warmed up to the ocean waves. BTW--You look great Molly! Love the video clip of Ali--such a brave girl to try anything.

Jill said...

Good job Ali!! I can't believe that she kept eating it.

Pratt Fam said...

The Lemon video is funny! The other posts are great too. I love the Cabbage Patch Factory!