Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gymnastics Camp 2012

The past two weeks, the older girls have been in gymnastics camp. Like last year - they had a blast! Adalyn was especially happy to spend one-on-one time with mom!!
Here are some pictures from the parent show.  Can you find the girls.  (Andie is in a brown shirt, Ali is in purple and grey).  Here they are, doing a layout.
Andie doing a cartwheel for a stamp!
Ali's turn for a cartwheel.
Ali doing a forward roll.
Andie swinging on the bars, into the donut.
Ali, balancing pizza on her tummy, while doing a crab walk.
Andie going to a forward roll.
Ali on the beam.  She was very nervous.
Ali swinging on the rings.
Andie on the balance beam.
Andie just finishing a cartwheel.

Ali doing a handstand.  She was the best at this.
Ali doing the bear walk.
They both went through all of the routine.  Most of the pictures were blurry, since we were up on the 2nd floor.  It was fun to watch though!!  At the end they sang this cute song.  They'll have to do a performance for the family once we're in town!

PS - If you ever need a super hero....we have some just for you!!  Happy Summer!


lillie said...

Super cute!

Southern Belle said...

Oh my what cute girls. We miss gymnastics.

Sharron said...

My kids loved that the one year our little town had it. Your girls did a good job . . and I might just need a super hero one of these days!