Friday, March 26, 2010

P is for....

Planting, Pudding, Projecting, Pajamas, Princesses, Pampering and Playing Pica-boo!!Since our RS activity is over - I have all these fun colorful pots! I have never planted anything before, because we have never had our own "land" - but now I have pots, with dirt in them and seeds.
I planted Flowers in the pink checkered pots, cilantro and basil in the solid colored pots and tomatoes starters in the plastic cups. Stay tuned to see how they grow!
Andie "scraped" her finger and it was bleeding a little bit. So I got a paper towel and some tape and fixed her on up!
On Sunday we had our friends over for dinner and Heather made *DELICIOUS* homemade chocolate pudding. (ps - I need to get the recipe)
I think you can tell - Ali LOVED it....
...and so did Andie. I probably had pudding all over my face too, but I guess it's not so cute when your 28.
Projecting!! We have had this dresser since we've been married, as a hand-me-down from my parent (which we are thankful for) I have always wanted to re-finish it, paint it or do something to improve it's complexion.
On Monday, my friend LeAnn was over and I was telling her about naturally, what did she do. "Let's do it!" We took all the clothes out and sanded the 5 drawers. I just need to do the frame and we're good to go!
Isn't it amazing the difference....just a peek. More pictures to come, when it's completed. And yes, for the curious, the clothes are still in piles on the bedroom floor. I need to box them up, because they are mostly all too small.
As a result of clothes readily available, we spent all day Tuesday in our Pajamas. As Andie says, "But MOM! I don't need to get dressed...I like my pajamas!"
Ali...always a pose - or - anything but a pose.
On Thursday we had Princess Preschool at our house....and once again, thanks to LeAnn - the girls were ALL princesses for the day. They love playing dress-up!Ali again, not wanting to pose for the picture.
LOOK!!!! I went to water my plants today and my tomatoes have sprouted!! YES!! Isn't it exciting?
Finally, Andie let me do her hair today. Everyday I ask her, "Andie, how do you want your hair done?" and it's always one of the following options, "Mom - I need a clip....Mom - I need TWO ponytails....or....Mom - I need two braids" Today, she said, "MOM, I need THREE ponytails (as see was trying to hold up three fingers to help clarify) She was patient enough to get more than 3 and I even got to curl the back!! It looks so cute!
Ali didn't want anything done, but I managed to get three twists in. Of course, as I went to get a picture, this is the result....
...followed by laughs and giggles because she thinks she is so funny!We've had a fun week and are fortunate enough to finish it off by going to the temple tomorrow.

Also - congratulations to Garry and Tamara....their baby girl was born today. She is 4 weeks early, but everything is looking good. Hope Mom and Baby have a speedy recovery!!


KofoedFamily said...

We are so happy that your girls and plants are growing. We love to laugh with them and see how they grow. We're also excited to see how your project turns out!

Natalie said...

Wow all sorts of fun things! Your girls are so cute. How fun to have plants growing already! And I can't wait to see that dresser!
PS I saw Daniel Wright yesterday at the grocery store. He has 3 little girls. It was fun to chat with him. said...

love all the things you are doing.