Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tucson - Part Two

We spent the 2nd half of our trip at Shawn's parents. Ali picked up some new tricks and loved that the cereal cabinet was her height....I kinda loved it too. Whenever she was hungry, she could help herself - and did. :) The other trick her and Andie enjoyed was they were tall enough to get water from the fridge. Ali would fill her cup up, then dump it in the trash. Silly girl. I am happy to report, that only happened in Tucson, she hasn't dumped her cups out at home.

We were so grateful that Tamara and Garry drove down from flagstaff to see us.
Family pictures. Tamara is due April 23rd with a girl and I am June 7th.
It is always great to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Broderick!!
It was so fun to meet the twins - Everett and Elden....they are too cute!

We were trying to get Everett to give Ali a kiss. He wasn't making the move - so Ali went in.
Ahh - He landed sweet!

Such funny girls!
Ali loved playing with the necklaces - guess we know what to get for her birthday.
Andie loved jumping on all the stones - and of course ALWAYS had "Lightening McQueen" in hand.

Ali enjoyed dancing and singing on the porch.
We had a great time. The girls were able to get out without kids and go to lunch on Monday - hmmm....I could go to Olive Garden again!! On Tuesday we visited Shawn's grandparents again, it was his grandpa's birthday. We went to the mall for lunch and then played at the park.
We made yummy orange, cinnamon and regular rolls and had fun at grandma and grandpa's house. Wednesday we got on a plane to come back to Georgia....that week went by WAY TO FAST!!For the most part the girls did GREAT on the airplane!

Thanks everyone for a fun trip!!


Sharron said...

Cute, cute, cute family. Looks like you had so much fun. Happy for you having this chance to visit and relax!!

Grandma Tii said...

looks like lots of fun