Friday, May 28, 2010


We had a fun day. We started the morning off, going to the park! The girls had SO much fun in a pile of dirt and I decided to just let them play. (ok, so I asked them MULTIPLE times to stop, but nonetheless) here are my little Indian girls. Later that afternoon, we invited some friends over to go swimming. The girls were SUPER excited to show off their new swimsuits
Ready to go!
Lounging around. Once she got in the *pink* tube....she didn't want out.
Ali on the other hand, became our little fish. She kept "swimming" back and forth to me and Shawn and had a blast!!

Ali saw the big girls "jumping in" and decided she wanted to try. She is trying to run away from us to jump, because the big girls didn't have anyone catching them. Such a funny girl!
Andie on the other my "needs to feel safe and secure" She sure was proud of herself for jumping off the stairs.


Grandma Tii said...

cool.....I can't believe you are swimming....not that warm here....sure looks fun.

Southern Belle said...

That is hilarious! I almost called you yesterday to ask if you were going swimming and then I thought probably not since taking two girls by yourself wouldn't be that fun.

David Porcaro said...

Fun! Ethan is just like Andie, only David has another name for it besides "needs to feel safe and secure." :) Claire is more daring like Ali.

-Dawnell signed in as David

Pratt Fam said...

I love the dirty faces! :)

Pratt Family said...

Great pics of a fun-filled day. Logan would surely love hanging out at your house all day. Yes...I would agree don't think you'll be going to the swimming pool by yourself anymore. Ali is sure a little dare devil!