Monday, May 24, 2010

Memorial Park Zoo

Saturday we took the girls to Memorial Park to the little zoo. (Trust me, it's little!) However, it was perfect!! The weather was overcast and it was fun to walk around and just enjoy a leisure morning.

First stop - the alligators. "See you later Alligator" If any of you hang around Andie, you know this is her new favorite saying. In fact, yesterday, she fell asleep on the way home from church. Heather had helped me bring both girls in from the car, because they had both fallen asleep. They were on the couch and I walked Heather to the door, said thanks/good bye and closed the door. Andie got up instantly and said, "Mom, tell Heather 'see you later alligator'" I laughed and opened the door and yelled it out to Heather. It was funny.

Then we saw a turkey...and he actually gobbled at them. Ali thought it was so funny!
Looking at a baby owl.Lovely picture - so cooperative. haha
She never smiles for the camera....but she was having lots of fun!
They have a little lake to walk around. I love Georgia for all the trees and greenery! It's very pretty!
I love Ali's little run. If only you could see it in person...but anyone who has, will laugh when they see this picture! She's so funny.
It was a fun morning. Just the right size to get us out of the house, give the girls time before they got too bored. I enjoyed the time with my little family! They say that "walking" puts you into labor....I say it just makes you tired and sore!


Sharron said...

Love the pics! Your little gals are growing up so fast, aren't they?

You look really good for so close to your d'day! how do you do that?

KofoedFamily said...

Yes, we do love Ali's run and that picture does a pretty good job of portraying it!

Pratt Family said...

A fun adventure going to the zoo!!! At least your small zoo is paved, our small zoo in Alaska is all gravel--yuck!!! The girls sure look super cute despite not always smiling for the camera.