Thursday, October 2, 2008

Congratulations Babies!!!

Ok - MANY of my family and friends have had babies this last week - so here is a congrats to all of you! It has been crazy trying to remember everyone's due dates and then you all came at once! Way to go babies! I am sorry I won't meet anyone you in person for a long while! Oh well, we are still excited for you!

Eric and Liz had baby Abigayle on September 29, 2008! This is my new little niece who I am excited for and so sad I can't hold her!! Here is David with his little sister! He is going to be such a great big brother!

Jeff and Elise had Chad Jeffery on October 1, 2008! This is my cousin in Santa Fe - CONGRATULATIONS! (He was nice and early, but not too early)

Rachael and Seth had Aaron Lewis on September 23, 2008! Aaron is so darn cute and number 4 child for my high school friend! Don't know how you do it Rachael!

Frances and Marc had TWINS!! Alice Antonina and Claire Bathsheba. They were a few weeks early weighing in at 5lb. 2oz. and 4lbs. 14oz. They are doing great and are so cute! Good luck with two!

Cute Twin Sisters

Kyle and Delynn had little Emma Lynn on September 22, 2008! SURPRISE she was supposed to be a BOY! But mom and dad are so happy she is here! I just hope Emma doesn't mind living in their painted blue nursery (which was so cute!) (Sorry no picture available yet!)

Brett and Alicia - I am sure have had their baby - if not, hurry up little buddy! Congratulations and can't wait to see pictures!!

Trent and Katie had Brenika Inez on September 7, 2008! Katie and I are only 1 week apart and were best friends growing up! Brenika is SOOOO cute! Congratulations!

We are so excited for all of you and have been thinking of you all!! Congratulations!


April said...

Wow, that's a whole lot of babies! And how is it that they're each so cute? I love that. :)

The Pratts said...

Okay with all of these babies, I think you need to make a special visit back home to see them! I can' believe Chad is here already, that was a surprise! I bet Suzanne is excited though and of course Elise to not be pregnant anymore, good for her!

Southern Belle said...

That is crazy! You are so good to keep track of them all.

The Pratts said...

Wow...good job remembering all those babies...that's quite a bunch. Babies are so fun, the only problem is they grow up too fast.

Katie Jo said...

Hey thanks Molly!!!! hahaha

Natalie said...

wow that is a lot of babies! congrats to everyone!