Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ali's New Toy

I think that Andie will enjoy this much more than Ali - but it is so nice to have her not rolling around and contained!! Am I terrible. Also don't you love Andie's hat (pulled out of the box of clothes Ali is now wearing.) Needless to say, we can't get it off of her!

Such fun girls I have!


Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

kaylee loves her's she plays outside of it now but still likes it

The Pratts said...

Very cute! She is so tall I can't believe it when I see the pictures! Carson loves Emma's old chair, I do the same as Ashley in the comment above - when Emma wants to play outside I take his activity chair outside and let him play in it while she is running around.

I miss those little girls - let's skype soon.

Southern Belle said...

You aren't terrible. I searched and searched for one. I never gave in and got one, but I will for the next child. I think it is fine to keep your child contained for a little bit. You have to get something done sometimes. Do you think they can make one for walking children? HA!!! I love the hat. Very cute!

tales from the tates said...

Anything that will keep our kids out of trouble while mom can get something done is a "good" thing!!