Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party

We had a great time at our Halloween Party on Saturday Night. Our friends, Steve and Shiree Bradley hosted a murder mystery with the theme of a circus. She assigned each of us parts and then throughout the night we got different clues to solve the mystery! We had a great time!!
These are our friends Rachel and Jason Whiting (Our dare devil clowns)
Porcaro Family - David, Dawnell, Ethan, and Claire (Clowns & David was the circus accountant and he died)
Our Host - Steven and Shiree (Snake Charmer & Ring Master)
Brian & Rachel Whigham (Cowboy Stunt Riders)
Me (Fortune Teller and I also died that night!)
Shawn (Austrailian Lion Tamer)


Southern Belle said...

WOW!! Sounds like a crazy party. I bet it was great fun! So...who was the killer?

The Pratts said...

I like how Shawn wears a normal outfit and is supposed to be "austrailian"! Good job on the you costumes! Hey - Molly, you look like you are losing weight, you are looking so good!

tales from the tates said...

You are one HOT fortune teller! It looks/sounds like you had lots of fun! I love Halloween!!

Natalie said...

You look great! Sounds like a fun party.