Friday, October 17, 2008

We love you Mom!!

My mom will hate me for posting this - but to me it is an important event, of which I want to remember. She is having a right hip replacement today in hopes of the answer to her limping leg for the last several years. Doctors have always blamed an angiogram or residual damage from her stroke. However, about 2 weeks ago, she went to see an orthopedic surgeon, who took x-rays and said, It is VERY obvious, you have a few bone spurs and if you replace your right hip you will move and feel like a brand new person! Wouldn't you do it after so much unexplained pain for several years?

So - MOM - Good Luck, we miss you and are sad we are not their to take care of you!! You will do great! Sorry, I don't have more current pictures! Just know that we are thinking about you and praying for you!

LOVE Molly, Shawn, Andie and Ali


emilyring said...

I go to Physical Therapy nearly every week to maintain myself-do my physical challenge. I see a lot people come through that have had or preparing to have hip replacement surgery.

They start them in a wheelchair then crutches, then a walker and finally a cane-like me. ;)

Wish her good luck!!!! Physical Torture is no fun!!!! ;)

Adrienne said...

sorry T!! I hope you feel better soon! Molly thanks for inviting me to your blog! Ours is LOVE YOU!

Natalie said...

How did it go?! Any updates?!

Molly said...

She did great - got home on Monday and is walking. Her leg is swollen, but it seems like it will all work out. She has at least 6 weeks of recovery, maybe up to 3 months.