Monday, April 30, 2012

UGA Spring Game

We FINALLY made it to Stanford Stadium! This stadium is HUGE, holding 93,000 people. We've never been to a football game - mainly because Shawn doesn't seem to have much interest. I would love to go, but he's the one that can get tickets. We were able to make it to the spring game where they play each other.  It was good enough for us!

As you can tell - we're not in the the game as everyone else that lives here....we didn't even put red on.  But hey - pink is a shade of red, right?
Andie and Ali with the field in the back.
Family Picture
This is our friend Dallin.  Adalyn and Anders took a liking to him and sat on his lap/played with him a lot of the time.  Sorry Anders - I guess you weren't ready for the picture!
Walking back to the car. 
This is where we usually found Ali - picking the leaves. 
We had a good time and I'm glad to say I've finally been inside the stadium!  :)

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