Monday, April 9, 2012


I had to post this before it got "lost". A few weeks ago, Adalyn and I were not on good terms with each other. She was tired, cranky and getting a lot of floor action whining and throwing fits! (I know, she's too cute to do something like that, right?)

I had just made cupcakes for our dinner with the missionaries that night. We had picked up Andie from school and just walked in the house. I took a deep breath and thought, "ok - just a few more hours until Shawn gets home." The cupcakes had cooled and were on the stove, when all of the sudden I hear and mysterious, very proud, "COOKIE!"

I look to find this!
Little stinker!  I told her to look at me and smile and she gave me her crazy eye cheese!  Let's just say, the day was significantly better after the cupcake. 
I guess it doesn't matter the age - chocolate does make life better for girls!  :)

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Katie Jo said...

Do you remember walking to Smith's and buying donuts?!?! HAHAHA I think we were like 6! Seriously... so funny. Yes, chocolate does make life better... at least in my world! haha