Thursday, April 26, 2012

Empty Nested

Do you remember this picture from April 7th?  Ali's Birthday.  That was the day that we first saw our bird's nest, with 5 cute little eggs.  Here is their story.
A friend was over the following Tuesday, April 10th.  I was telling her how cool it was that we had 5 little eggs.  She peeked in and said, "Um....their little birds now!"  WHAT?  That was quick.  Meet our 5 little birds.  I know, it's kind of hard to see - but it's amazing how fast they grow up!
Here is 2 Days later, April 12....they're starting to look a little more furry.
This is 4 days later, April 16th.  We lost 2 today.  I think because every time we opened the door, the mom would have to fly away and I think her little feet snagged two of  them by accident.  We found one in between the wreath and the door and the other one, I could tell was dead in the nest - but the birds disposed of him.
This is the same day.  It's kind of a gross picture - but these parents were so dedicated.  The dad would always fly around "watching for predators" (aka The Broderick Family.) and the mom would swoop back into the nest as soon as it was clear.  Although the picture doesn't show the "cuteness" it was fun to watch the little birds poke their heads up looking for food and then slowly lowering them down as we opened the door.
2 days later, April 18th!!!  Look at how CUTE they are.  I couldn't believe how many more feathers they got in just 2 days!  "They sure do grow up quick" applies not only to human babies, but baby birds as well!  Also - there is a significant amount of poop gathering around our door - looks gross, but oh well.
April 20th, they are still getting bigger and changing.  I haven't seen the mom come around and often and I was beginning to wonder if they were abandoned.  Poor little birdies. 
April 22nd....Again - Just 2 days and look at the difference?  Their feathers are almost all in - well, it seems to me.  Crazy!
April 24 - cute little guys...starting to be a little more observant.  It looks like a tight fit with just the 3 birds - could you imagine if all 5 had survived?
April 25th.  It was fun to watch them yesterday.  They were definitely more perched and dad was back giving them flying lessons!  The girls and I were out playing and the dad and mom bird would come to the nest and then fly the same path over and over making the same rhythmic song as they would fly up to the lamp post.  I was just imagining them saying, "Just keep flapping, just keep flapping."
This is still the same day.  This little dude was ready to fly and we just kept waiting!  I was so worried we were going to miss it!
Oh - two of them are getting ready to go.  You can do it little birds - you can do it!  Well, shortly after this, I left to take the van and drop it off for Shawn at campus.  He has been in Philadelphia for the last two days at a conference and was getting in around mid-night.  So, thanks to our great neighbors, one came to watch the girls, while the other followed me to give me a ride home.  Guess what happened!
At 11:30 that night - when I decided to go to bed, I was surprised to find this little guy in my closet!  AHH!!  He took flight alright - right into the house.  He must have come in sometime when I was gone.  At least I knew he could fly.  Shawn wasn't home yet and didn't answer his phone, so I didn't know how close he was - so naturally I called my sister for reinforcements.  She's in St. George, you know 36 hours away, but provided emotional support.  haha - She just laughed at me and said, "Good Luck!  He'll probably poop on your hand when you try to catch him."  I called Shawn and he was just getting to campus - so another 15 minutes to wait it out. 
Shawn to the rescue.  Good thing he's tall.  It was definitely to our advantage the little bird was just learning how to fly!  Poor little guy - he was so scared.  And, like Jill said, he pooped everywhere he landed, out of fear.  That was fun going back through the closet to check on everything.
This morning - April 26th, our little birds had all flown the coop!  They were gone - probably from the traumatic experience of their brother being lost for a few hours inside, but at least they survived while in our care!  It was so fun to watch them grown - but man, I need some tips.  20 days to grow up and leave the nest?  It takes humans 20 years.....or longer!
That is the story of our birds....thanks for reading along!


lillie said...

That's so cute, I love how you know that the one that flew in the house was a boy!

Monica said...

What a fun story! Thanks for sharing!

Southern Belle said...

So glad our old wreath has been of good use to everyone!

Kadee said...

I can't believe one flew into your house! I love how you got to see their whole growth process, that's so fun!

Whittney Clark said...

Wow that was a fast week of change!! How fun to see them grow up!

Whittney Clark said...

Wow that was a fast week of change!! How fun to see them grow up!

Jamie said...

Ha ha. I love it! What a fun documentation. And a great learning experience for your girls!

sdbroder said...

That was a great story. I'm glad to have helped.

Sharron said...

Great documentary! We have had mourning doves nesting around here for years and just wait each spring so we can hear them in the mornings and then watch their little ones grow and fly away. we watch them closely so the dogglets don't get them as they learn to fly and land in the yard.

Dawnell said...

I love it!! We had birds in one of our hanging flower pots in Winterville. We discovered them one day when I was watering and baby birds jumped out. They couldn't fly yet so I had to go gather them up and put them back in! So fun.

Pratt Fam said...

Birds are amazing, great job documenting them!!!! Awesome!

Southern Belle said...

What an awesome science lesson for the girls! I love how you documented the whole thing! so cool!