Monday, April 9, 2012

It's that time of year again!

Our pool opened last weekend and the girls were SO excited!  Andie didn't have school on the 2nd, so I ventured with the three of them and went swimming!  It was a little chilly - but very fun and refreshing!
We had so much fun, that we decided to go the next day with Dad!  Adalyn knew the routine and was ready to go!
It takes a minute to warm up to the water - but fun!  The girls did good.  Andie usually took the arm floats off and swam with just the pink tube.  The rule is you have to have at least one for both on, unless you are swimming to Mom or Dad.
It took Shawn a lot longer to warm up to the water!  We had to chant him in and splash him! 
Adalyn is completely content in her tube!  I have a feeling we're going to do a lot of swimming this summer!
Yeah for warm weather!!


Katie Jo said...

So jealous! We only have an indoor Rec pool here.... It's not real swimming unless it's outside!!!! :) Your girls are getting so old!

Monica said...

I wish it was warm enough to swim here. We gave Lily a pool for her birthday but it's a pretty lame gift since we can't use it yet.

Pratt Fam said...