Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Ali!!

 Ali turned 4 on the 7th!  She was so happy that it was FINALLY her birthday! 
 Here she is with the sisters and all of her presents!!  Don't you love her new pose - shoulders up and arms crossed!
 She was SO excited for her new bike. (I was so glad).  We had tried to get her to ride Andie's bike and try it out for the longest time.  Every time she would say, "No, it is too scary!"  We had bought this bike the day after Thanksgiving and I kept telling Shawn, "I don't think she's going to like it!"  I am so glad I was wrong!  SHE LOVES IT! 
 We also had a ward Easter Egg Hunt on her birthday - which was a fun event.  Everyone sang Happy Birthday to her and she got all shy!  It was cute!
 Adalyn enjoying the egg hunt!
 She would crack each egg in her basket before finding another one.

 The last few days, I've always been startled by a bird when coming in the house.  As we pulled up from the Easter Egg Hunt, again I saw two birds flying away.  I tried to determine where they were building their nest.  Our front wreath is "twiggy" so it was hard to see.  But - I lifted the camera up to snap a picture and was SHOCKED a what we found!  5 little eggs.  We are so proud!  So - now we all try to be SUPER careful when we open and close the door.  I hope those little eggs make it!  It's awesome to think how this little birds made this perfect little home!
 On your mark.......get set......GO!!!!!!!
 "Uh Shawn, we need to adjust the handle bars and seat!"
 Dad went to work and adjusted Andie's too!  Thanks Dad!
 Ali was our GPS and did great!
 Occasionally a foot would slip and she doesn't understand the brake.  She would just coast until she stopped, often running into the sidewalk.  Shawn would say, "Ali, stop crashing into the sidewalk."  Ali would respond, "I like to!"
 Here was her PINK cake, with PINK frosting!  At one point she wanted a "marshmallow mateys" cake - so I decorated her name in marshmallows.  She thought it was awesome!

Happy Birthday Ali!!  We love you so much!  Ali is such a fun little girl.  She is a great big sister to Adalyn and usually will play pretty nice with her.  She also LOVES Andie and is so excited to play with her every day she gets home from school.  Ali easily gets frustrated and will storm out of the room because something is too hard or she doesn't get what she wants immediately.  However, is always great at coming back after she "cools off" and says sorry or tries to ask nicely for something. 

A few weeks ago, she was getting frustrated at something and adamantly informed us, "The only FUN things is to eat, watch movies and play"  Those are definitely her most favorite things to do!  I'm excited that the pool is open and she loves her new bike - hopefully we can get those into our regular daily routine of FUN!


sharron m huish said...

no way . . it couldn't be her birthday again already! Happy birthday cute big girl!!

Katie Jo said...

Cute cute girl!!!! And that bird nest is so awesome!