Monday, April 9, 2012

April Fools

I was trying to teach the girls what "April Fools Day" meant. After a few explanations, they just didn't get it. So, then I said, "Ok - we just need to play a joke on Dad!" Then they were all in!

I took them upstairs to get dressed for church and this is what they came down in!

I LOVE that they thought it was so funny. They were giggling down the stairs the entire way and Andie could hardly stand still to reveal herself. It was so funny! They thought they were so funny!
"April Fools Dad!  We're wearing your clothes!"
Adalyn was just being funny and laughing at her own jokes.
Then the game started and they came down in all sorts of things.  Dad's Belt....
And laundry baskets. 
I have a feeling us girls are going to be playing lots of fun tricks on Dad in the years to come!


Katie Jo said...

HAHAHA their little faces cracks me up. We didn't play any jokes this year, but my mom is the QUEEN of April fool's. She like schemes for days trying to think of funny stuff. Playing jokes on Dad is always the best!!!

lillie said...

Your girls are so cute. I love when kids get a kick out of themselves!