Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break

We had a great spring break a few weeks ago.  For part of it, we went with our good friends up to Tugaloo State Park - located just an hour from here.  We rented a cabin for a few days and hung out playing in Lake Hartwell.  We had a blast!!

 Here are the little girls playing with bubbles.  It was chilly in the morning (50's) but low 80's each afternoon!  Perfect!  Don't you love my girls and their socks!  So funny!
 I was glad the trees were still bear, so that we could see the lake from the cabin!

 We also took little squirt guns - which all the girls had a blast with!
 We didn't think it would be warm enough to swim (which it wasn't) but the kids played in the water anyway.  Poor Adalyn, her little legs were numb by the end of the morning - but she had a blast!

 She was a little sad at first when we put the life jacket on.  Here she is about to say (in the saddest voice ever) "Buckle".  This is what we always hear in the car too.

 Little miss Ali - being shy for the camera.  She was so hilarious!  At one point she became a "pig farmer" and was making mud for the "pigs".  Every once in a while you would hear a little "oink! oink!"  It was so funny.  Then suddenly I heard a puppy!  She can do a really good bark!  I asked her what she was barking at and she said, "The bees.  It scares them."  This girls has such an awesome personality!
 Adalyn was content just filling up her bucket and pouring it out.
 Shawn became the master at skipping rocks.  I got a video of a really good skip - I'll post it at the end of all the pictures.
 The girls were splashing and having fun!
 Self-picture, to prove I was there.  Yes, no makeup when your on vacation!

 The older Palmer girls had come up with the "polar bear" plunge!  Shawn decided to jump in with ALL his clothes....silly dad!
 One night we walked out to see the sunset.  It was very pretty!
 Ali and I posing silly....who knows why?

 The lighting was not too great - but here we are as a family!  I love my little family!
 No more lake - but enjoying the sand just the same!

It was so peaceful!  Just right for our family!  Thanks Palmer's for the fun times!


Emily S. said...

What a great trip! Plus, you never posted the video! I'd love to see it!

Sharron said...

What a wonderful trip. BTW you are such a pretty girl, forget the stinking make-up!