Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Field Day

Andie had a fun field day on May 11th. It was a perfect morning to take the girls out and get some energy out. This is Ali and Amelia. Amelia was in Andie's class but LOVES Ali and claims they are best friends. I love it!
Ali and Adalyn running to get a rubber duck and then race back to their team.
Ali on the parachute.
Adalyn and Andie LOVED playing with the parachute.  It was fun to watch them be so excited!
Andie running the obstacle course.
Ali running with Mrs. Converse.  She is so excited to be in her class next year!
Adalyn just running to get a ball - forget the obstacles.
Time for the hula-hoop!
Good Job Andie - she didn't quiet comprehend the hip action.
Ali on the other hand, was quiet impressive.  Although this picture doesn't show it - I think we found Ali's hidden talent!  See the video below.
They also play tug of war - Andie's team won both times.  Fun was had by all!

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Katie Jo said...

Fun pictures! I remember Field Day with MY best friend. :) haha I remember the cake walk the most! lol