Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 16th

May 16th was a very fun day for our family this year.

We started out the morning with Andie's Graduation from Pre-k.  Here she is, waiting for the ceremony to start.
Mrs. Converse was her teacher this year and we absolutely LOVED her.  She did a fantastic job at helping Andie grow and develop educationally.  Because Andie was so ahead in her class, she quickly became her little assistant and the two of them had a special bond.  Ali is SO excited to be in Pre-k next year and have Mrs. Converse as her teacher.  The last few times we visited Andie's class before school got out, Ali would also run up to Mrs. Converse and say, "I love you Mrs. Converse!  I'm going to be in Pre-K next year!"  It was great.
This is Ms. Danielle.  She was the literature coach for the class and anytime we saw her, Andie's face would light up!  I was often told that no matter where she was, if Andie saw Ms. Danielle, she would run up and give her a big hug!  I'm so thankful for good educators and people that really care about my children!!
This is Andie's little friend Amy.  She reminds me so much of Andie's cousin, Emma.  I even think they have similar facial features!  Hopefully Amy and Andie will be in the same class again next year!
Way to go Andie for completing your first year of school!  We hope you continue to look forward to many (many) more!  :)

It was also Shawn's birthday on the 16th.  The girls were very excited and loved celebrating it with him. 
Andie and Ali made him cards.  Andie colored and numbered 33 balloons on her card - so cute!
Dad had plenty of helpers to open his gifts. 
The girls picked out a red "G" hat for Dad.  It didn't fit, so we ended up exchanging it for a black one.  All the girls think Dad looks good in a hat, but he doesn't like to wear them.  Hopefully he'll get some good use out of this one.
We had a great day.  Shawn and I were able to go out to Olive Garden for dinner and I made him cherry cheesecake for dessert.  Just yesterday, the girls asked about "Dad's Cake" that they never got any.  I said, "Sorry, I never got any too!"  I never remembered during the day to get them a taste - and Shawn enjoyed it for the week at night, when they were in bed.  Oh well.  Adalyn's birthday is just around the corner - so we'll have plenty of more cake to eat!

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