Thursday, May 19, 2011

Utah Trip - Pratt Central

The girls and I spent the last month in Utah and Idaho.  We had a great time and already miss our family and cousins!!  I have LOT'S of pictures - so be forewarned...this will be the first of many posts. 

We started out at Pratt Central - aka David and Abbey's house.  Andie and Ali LOVED spending time here and anytime we ventured somewhere else, they would ask, "Mom, when can we go back to David's house?"  We also spent time with Eric, Liz and of course, Uncle Tys.  Thank you ALL for being so hospitable....we had great time!! 

The first morning, my girls were still on GA time.  So-  at 5:00am, they were ready for breakfast and play!!  I set up a table downstairs and let them at it.  It was great staying there, because I could close the door to the stairs, and there were PLENTY of toys to entertain (of course, everything was new to them.)  Thanks Grandma T for keeping all your stuff.  
 "Hey, I have a chair like this at home - cool!"
 Pig Tails....Adalyn's hair grew a lot while we were out.  This is in our first week, pay attention to pictures near the end, you'll see how it thickened up and got a little longer.
 Andie and David were inseparable....she would just follow him around.  David is only 10 days younger than Andie and they played a lot together before we moved to GA - so it was fun to see them together again.
 Adalyn loves waffles....and eating whatever you're willing to feed her.
 Ali discovered Liz' oatmeal stash.  She didn't like Grandma stools, so she would always eat at the table.
 We loved being right across the street from the park, and playing with the wagon and green scooter.  4 cute girls!!
 Shawn's brother, Cade, and his family just moved to Utah county and live not even 2 miles from my parent's house.  Here is Adalyn and Kien playing together.  It was fun to see Sky, Kayala, and little Kien. (Cade and Summer too).
 Molly, Kien, Adalyn
Adalyn enjoying being outside.
 Little Kien
 Adalyn was loving being with all the kids, trying to walk and of course, grab and eat whatever snack they were all enjoying!!
 She also loves to play TACKLE!!!  (Sky is in the background there)
 Here is Emma Lou, another fun cousin to play with.
 Ali, our concert pianist....with her concert hair style and all!!
 Andie, the beautician, stylin' all the my little ponies.
 Adalyn found her own fun toy to play with
 Andie and David....once again!!  Little goofs!
 Ali and Abbey. 
We had so much fun.  It was great to get to know David and Abbey again.  Abbey is hilarious....she takes a day or 4 to warm up to you, and is just this cute little shy girl....until she gets to know you.

Thanks again Pratt Central - your turn to come visit us in GA!!!  We love you!!

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KofoedFamily said...

So cute! It looks likes so much fun to be with family and cousins. I'm glad you all had a fun time. Can't wait to see more pictures.