Thursday, May 19, 2011

Utah Trip - Meridian ID

After Pratt Central, the girls and I loaded up and headed up to my grandma's house in Idaho. We spent Easter weekend up there and had a great time. The girls loved playing with Sydney, Emilee and Kenzee (my cousins). It was great to see the Young and Nicholls families as well. Congratulations to Cameron, who received his mission call to Washington DC South, Spanish speaking!! He'll be a great missionary. Also, congrats to my aunt Michelle, who was remarried and sealed in the Boise Temple to a great guy...Uncle Cole - I guess. We're happy and excited for you!!

The girls had a great time with you will be able to tell.
They also loved being at grandma's house - yet again, many new and fun toys to play with!  Ali loved and wore many different back packs.

Sydnee loved playing with Adalyn

Silly Girls

Emilee got to sleep over at Grandma's on Friday night.  Andie was in 7th heaven....getting to sleep by Em.  Thanks Emilee!!
We're at grandmas....and ONLY at grandma's would you find this much Easter Candy.  We had fun filling all them for the kids.  I like we counted 120 eggs or so.  The kids (Nicholls, Youngs and Andie, Ali was asleep) loved the Easter Egg hunt.  Andie got 36 eggs....and was kind enough to share with Ali when she woke up!!

Thanks Grandma Nicholls, you're the best!!

Finding their Easter baskets in the morning.

The girls and I stopped by this park one afternoon....they had so much fun running around.  It doesn't look like it, but it was actually really cold that day, so we only stayed for 15 or 20 minutes.  Well worth the stop.
They loved all the musical instruments you could play!!

My kids LOVE making this park was perfect for them.

Ali wanted to go in the baby swing.  I tried to convince her she was too big....but she won.

To think I spent all that time in Idaho and didn't even get a picture with my grandma or my kids and her.  Whoops!!  Thank you Grandma for letting us come to visit - it was great to see you!  Thanks to Scott and Shannon as well for the fun time, and Michelle - it was good to see you!!

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