Thursday, May 19, 2011

Utah Trip - Pratt North

We came back from Idaho - to this...
YUCK....COLD....SNOW!!!!  Yes, our next stop was at Pratt North (Cedar Hills) and it was cold and fun! 
But, we had plenty of fun playing with Emma, Carson and Harrison
and of course - remodeling the bathroom while Jared was out of town.  I don't know before pictures - but we painted it blue, added the bead board, painted it white, tile was laid and the mirror was framed.  Thanks to Uncle Tys and his friend Alex....they installed the floor, bead board and Tyson cut the wood for the frame (hence only 3 sides rather than 4 - but it still looks good.)
Emma has a PLETHORA of dress-up clothes and the girls were having so much fun!!  I love Ali's little outfit - our southern belle!
Car, Car of course, was Buzz Lightyear - and a very entertaining one at that!
Thanks Pratt North for all the fun!  It was great to be spend time with you!!

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