Saturday, May 21, 2011

Utah Trip - St. George

Our final stop on our trip was WARM, SUNNY, St. George - to visit Jill and her family!!  The girls had a great time, and basically lived outside all day, everyday!

They all fell in love with Ritz instantly.  Especially ALI - I don't have a picture, but anyone can tell you, she was Ritz' best friend.  Adalyn enjoyed following her around as well.
 Andie and Ali loved the trampoline.
 Kate in the swing
 Amber learned how to make frosting flowers in achievement days and decorate this cake for Jill for Mother's Day.  Good Job Ammo!
 I think Andie and Ali enjoyed a picnic outside almost everyday!!
 Kylie and Kate were content to eat inside.
 Adalyn loved this little scooter....but would let us know instantly if she got stuck!!
 We were so lucky to have such a fun day on Wednesday.  Ashlyn had a first grade program, and she did awesome!!  The girls loved going to her school and watching her!!
 Triplet's!!  These three had so much fun together....especially at the cookie table after Ashlyn's program.  I think they all had 3-4 cookies each (or more!)
 After Ashlyn's program we got to go to Amber and Ashlyn's softball game.  They won!!  Kylie's little friend joined in the fun for the game and the 4 girls had a blast!!
 Ash would come hang out with me when she wasn't playing. 
 After the softball game, we headed back to the school for Amber's choir concert.  It was SO fun and entertaining.  Again, my girls loved it.  Amber, you and the choir did such a great job - music, actions, energy - it was great!!  It was definitely a busy day, but as Jill said, "Momo, here is a preview to your life in about 4 or 5 more years!"  She's definitely busy!!
 Adalyn enjoying the tire swing,
 and the trampoline.  I love her hair!!
 Almost all the girls - we're missing Kate.  What fun cousins - and ALL GIRLS!!!  No wonder we had such a great time!
 Little miss Adalyn, sitting in a camp chair, thinking she was all grown up!!
 "Give me the camera Mom!"
 Amber teaching Andie and Ali how to play catch.
 At this range, they were great...giggling the whole time!!
 Again, we're missing Kate - she must have been down for a nap.  Cute, cute cousins!
 LET'S GO SWIMMING!!!  Ready and waiting for the mom's to come.  We had so much fun swimming in their pool.  Andie went down the slide 3 times and Ali was brave enough to try it once.  Thanks Stan and Jill for all the fun!
 Another picnic, this time all the big girls joined the fun!!
 Uh oh....where did my cookie go?  This is what happens when you give a chocolate covered mint oreo cookie to a 2 year old....Kate sure did enjoy it!  I was the good aunt and asked her questions like, "Kate, where's your ears?  Kate, where's your hair?"  That's what aunts are for, right?
 Ali posing on Mother's Day.
 Happy Mother's Day.  Jill and Molly
 Finally, all of the kids....3 are looking, 4 are not...oh well!
 Andie wanted her picture taken too, but it was very windy and bright.
 As you can see, we had a great time in St. George.  Thanks again, Jill, Stan, Amber, Ashlyn, Kylie, Kate and Ritz for letting us come and stay for a week!  We miss you and hope we can visit again sometime!!

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KofoedFamily said...

Cute! It is so fun to see all your family and how you look alike. It is fun to see all the girls with their cousins. I miss Utah!!