Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Ali - THE CAKE!!!

If there's anything Ali's been sure of the last few days it's that she's going to have a birthday, she is turning 3 and she'll have a RAINBOW cake. We had a lot of fun making it, and it turned out cute!! I love being a mom!!

 I used skittles to make a number 3
 Spell out her name
 and make a rainbow.
 I was SOOOOO glad it didn't tip over!!  It was close on a couple of occasions!!
 It's definitely the tallest cake I've ever made!  I used 4 straws to help sturdy it!  Food Network Cake Challenge, here I come!  (not!)

 Surprise!!!  Rainbow Colors inside!!
 The girls loved helping me make the cake yesterday!
 Birthday Girl!!
 I'll post more pictures soon!!  She's had a great day so far!


Kadee said...

What a beautiful cake! Happy birthday Ali!

KofoedFamily said...

So cute and creative! Great job Molly! Happy Birthday Ali!

Stefanie said...

That cake is awesome!!!

Southern Belle said...

so cute!! Happy Birthday Ali!