Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day!!

We had a wonderful Christmas Day!! It was very busy, but so great. We started out the morning at 7:30, with just Ali. It was nice and quiet. I started making a batch of sugar cookies for Elder Willis. He had seemed a little down hearted the night before and so we thought that would cheer him up. I got that done and then started another batch of rolls for our lunch at 12:00 noon.

Andie woke up at 8:30 and came down the stairs. We didn't even hear her. When I turned, I saw her eyes filled with excitement as she saw her new toy kitchen next to the Christmas Tree. I caught a little on tape of her "hopping" for excitement. It was great!!

We opened presents as a family and had a great time! We were so blessed with all of the fun gifts and toys from everyone! Thank you so much!

After presents, we had the sister missionaries join us for breakfast. The night before we discovered that we both planned on having French Toast, so we thought we would combine our efforts. It was fun just having the sisters over!! When they left, it was time to roll out the rolls...OOPS!!! I had given my rolling pin to the Elder's to make their sugar cookies and they were gone for the day! So, I used a tall glass, that kinda worked, but made it a longer process. Meanwhile, Shawn was bathing the girls and getting them ready for the day.

In the middle of my roll making, I made a pumpkin roll as well. I had received a call the night before from an investigator would "would like a pumpkin roll for Christmas!" I thought, "Wouldn't we all!" She asked if I would make her one and I didn't know how to say no. Needless to say, it just put one more thing on the to do list Christmas Morning.

By 11:30, the rolls were baked, the pumpkin roll prepared and Shawn and the girls were all ready. I sent them to deliver the pumpkin roll and I jumped in the shower to be ready for our 12:00 lunch! It was a little place on Heaven to get out of the shower and getting ready, realize no girls were crying, nothing was baking - it was nice and quiet!!

We had been invited to the Standor's house for Christmas Dinner. Did I mention I also made a trifle for this? We took our rolls and trifle and had a great time!! It was so nice of them to invite us over - the food was delicious and the conversation was great.

We left around 2pm so that we could be home for when Elder Pratt called. Around 3pm, no Elder Pratt call yet, but the sister's had come over again so they could call home. Needless to say, by the time they were done with their calls, we had missed Elder Pratt! No worries though - it was for a good cause!! Elder Pratt - we love you and know you are doing the Lord's work!!

At 5:30 we headed out again for the Bradley's home where we had been invited for over for pie. Sister Bradley had made pumpkin and cherry pie and I my second cheese cake. We enjoyed pie and then played 5 crowns and apples to apples.

At 8:30 we left and headed over to the Palmer's!!! We were so excited to visit them. They were great - they made us yummy fish sticks at 9:30 at night and then we played the game SET while all the kids played and had fun. By 11:30, we had decided we had a great day and called it quits!! Thanks Lance and LeAnn - we really had a blast!!

Well - that was our Christmas Day - We have been resting and recovering since (hence the delay for posting! haha) Of course, we missed home and family, but feel so blessed that we could spend the day with such great friends. Our lives really have been so blessed since moving to Georgia and we couldn't be in a better situation.

We are grateful for the gospel in our lives and home. We wish that everyone had a joyous Christmas Holiday and are looking forward to a wonderful New Year!!


Natalie said...

HOLY COW! I got a nap in on Christmas... I didn't see that listed among your day! That was one busy day and you made LOTS of food! Sounds like you have some wonderful friends.

Way to be a great friend to the missionaries! They will remember you their entire lives!

Southern Belle said...

It looks even crazier written down!!! I love the picture of the turkey below.

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

It's quite the life you live there my friend! What a great Christmas for you guys. By the way, I love your playlist. Such a great assortment!