Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two Cute Sisters!!

I must say...although it has been challenging having kids so close in age, it has definitely been worth it. Andie and Ali are spending more time together playing, laughing and just being plain silly. Here are a few pictures. The way Ali is growing, she might be walking in the next month or two!! She pulls herself up on EVERYTHING and just tries to do ALL that Andie does. It is great!
Santa Claus visited Athens on Saturday - Ali loved him and they each got a stuffed animal from him! Thanks Santa!!
Andie was a little suspicious, but at least she didn't cry, right!!
Silly girls. I rotated the picture and saved it before I posted, but I guess it didn't want to switch! Any suggestions?

We hope all our friends and family are having a WONDERFUL holiday season!


Frances said...

It is so fun to be close in age (I would know). My mom claims it was easier that way. She didn't even need to potty train me because I just did everything that Rachael did.

Southern Belle said...

They are so cute together. I feel like it has been forever since I saw them. Very very cute!! Oh and for adjusting the pictures, I use Picasa. It is a free program with Google and you can even blog through it.

Natalie said...

What cute girls! I love that unrotated one! Adorable! (Sometimes my computer does that... I have to rotate it again and it always seems to work the 2nd time.)

Love your Christmas card! Thanks. Ali is getting so big! Are her and Andie in the same size shoe?!

emilyring said...

My sister and I close in age as well. We ended up in the same grade. Not twins-adopted. We are the same age for not quite 3 months until my birthday in November. Hers is in August. I'm the older one. ;)