Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Andie!!!!

Today our little girl is TWO year's old. Can you believe it?

We have started out the day in sets of TWO's!

First - she ate TWO bowls of cereal for breakfast!!
Second - She got to open TWO presents. She got a new pair of pants, which she wasn't too excited for. She opened the top of the present and said, "Pants!" Then she put it down and looked for her next present.
Her second present was a shirt. She was so excited to wear it, she ran upstairs when we said, "Go take a bath and you can wear your new clothes!!"

After her bath, we painted her toenails and fingernails PINK!!

She is trying to get a sneak peek at the rest of her presents!!
We will keep updating the post throughout the day so you can see all the fun things we do! Wish you were all here to celebrate with us!!


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday, Andie! She is too cute.

Southern Belle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDIE!!! I love the cute outfit, the toes, and hair!!

Grandma Tii said...

Happy Birthday Drew-buggy! I can't believe you are 2. WOW! Such a big girl. Grandma loves you so much and I miss you tons. See you today on Skype. I sure hope you get my box in the mail today. Have a great day.

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

What a doll! I don't know why I thought she was born in January.(?) Such a fun age. Have a great day Andie!

Sarah said...

She is so cute I loved how particular she was with the unwrapping that was cute.

Natalie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She looks very cute and I love her little pink fingers and toes

MTMcGee said...

Happy Belated Birthday Andie!! You and Ali are so cute. Have a Merry Christmas!!