Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Birthday Fun...

Yes - It has been a while, but life has finally calmed down a bit. We have had such a BUSY Christmas holiday. It has been a blast. So here we go - more pictures of Andie's Birthday Bash!! In the afternoon, we went bowling with Andie. She had so much fun.
Ali and Shawn
Mom helping "push"She loved waiting for the ball to pop back up after she sent it down the lane. Rarely would she wait to see if she hit any of the pins, she just wanted to get her ball back. It was hilarious.
We let her ride in the car with Kermit the Frog. As soon as I put the quarter in and it started moving, she didn't like it as much!
I attempted making the cake, and it was good - but my frosting was too soft to decorate it cool, so it looks not so delicious. Oh well.
Andie licking the spatula from making the cake!Andie liked her cake, I had to help her blow out the candle though!We made birthday hats for everyone that came. The Palmer's and Gleason's were great sports for wearing them! It was fun!!Megan - Mary, MaryAmber and AmyJocelyn and Brian. Joy was taking pictures for me - thanks Joy!
Thanks to everyone who came to her party, but also to everyone who couldn't come. Grandma's did a great job and she loved all of her new toys, books, puzzles and presents!! We are so lucky to have such great family and friends!!

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