Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teeter Totter

The girls tried their first teeter-totter. It was so funny to watch them. They were so scared and excited at the same time. Anytime Andie would go up she would say, "scary, scary, scary." Then when she would come down she would say, "this is so fun!" It was hilarious!
Shawn got each of the girls a rose for Valentine's Day.  We also got them each a little gift.  As they get older, holiday celebrations are more fun!
Here they are entertaining the little kids with water fountains.  It was Ali's idea, of course - the whole fort was.  They sure have a fun time together.  See the video below for lots of giggles.

They were SO excited to make Valentine Cookies!  Adalyn kept licking the flour and Ali kept eating the dough.  We still had fun!  We took cookies to one of Shawn's classes and the girls performed for the class - it was great.  Andie also had a valentine party at her school - but those pictures are still on the camera.  Ali and I attended - which was fun!

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Katie Jo said...

Your baby is getting so big!!! I keep waiting for you to say that you're pregnant again! hahahaha Isn't it about time?!?! :) I have to agree.... holiday's are so much more fun when they get into them too. I have never been excited for St. Patty's Day and I'm so excited to put Leprechaun feet around her room and leave a pot of gold! :)