Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Show

The other day - Ali was being pretty funny. Ok - everyday, Ali is pretty funny! We got out the camera and had some fun. Here are a "few" of the MANY pictures we took. 

First off - Ali made a show (see video below)  That's what pulled out the camera.  Then she said, "Mom - I know.  Let's make funny faces!"
So, here we go on the adventures of Ali's funny faces.

She loves to be scary...usually a lion!

This shows her sweet/shy side.  :)
After dinner that night - we hooked up the camera for the other girls to see the pictures.  Then - they all got carried away "seeing themselves on TV!"
Sister Hug.
Dancing and laughing
In honor of Grandma T - "The Crazy Eye!" (and crazy hair!)
My children are so entertaining!  :)


Southern Belle said...

I love the scary one of Ali! So funny! I was thinking since Cheyenne and Ali are in the same primary class we need to get together more!! Anytime you want to have a playdate I am game! I don't have too busy of a schedule during the day... I really am serious, although I know we suck at getting together! (we planned to work out together, learn a hymn on the piano, I said I would come to ward choir, etc:) One day I would love to get together though, seriously!!

Pratt Fam said...

Fun Pictures!!!