Monday, February 6, 2012

All about ALI

Dear Ali,

Where do I begin?  You are 3 years old and 10 months.....soon to be 4 in April and you are HILARIOUS!!  You love your big sister Andie and desperately want to do anything she is doing.  It's hard for you too - because you are the same size.  A lot of people expect more from you - because you look older than you are - and you might get that a lot in your life.   But, hang in there!

Ali, you are one of the funniest little girls that I know.  You are such a great helper - and just love attention (and need attention!)  You would rather help me load the dishwasher, fold the laundry, clean the bathroom or do just about anything else then play by yourself.  You love to color.  You got a new coloring book for Christmas and sometimes we color 2 or 3 hours a day!  I actually think that coloring book is now full.

You are very sweet to those around you.  If someone is feeling sad or crying (and you're not to blame for their sadness) then you will try to comfort them by giving them a toy or giving them a hug.  If I ask you to do something, you simply say, "ok."  The only time you get really sad is if you are tired....then it's a no win situation.  :)

You just became a Sunbeam at church and LOVE it!!  You love being in Primary and your teachers say that you are such a good example to the other children in the class.  This makes me so happy!  You are learning the articles of faith every night with Dad.  Although you only ever say you know #1 - you repeat the others pretty darn well - you're just shy about it.

Ali - when you are around those you know, you are very loud, fun and a "scary animal".  You give the best facial expressions of anyone I know.  You are constantly in your own little world from being a scary dinosaur one minute to a little meek kitty cat.  So many times during family scripture study you are humming some tune, just singing life along.  You are good to repeat when it's your turn to read - but then you go back to your imagination!  It's so fun to watch you!

You are so smart too!!  You surprise me many times, with things that I didn't realize you were paying attention to.  (only because you are humming your own tune!).  In fact, a few weeks ago - you said, "Look mom, I spelled your name!"  And sure enough - right there on your paper it said "Ali" and "Mom."  Good Job.  Which reminds me, one of the best things about you is your name.  You always get the right letters and always write them in the right order, but not in the right order.  For example:  You will say aloud, "A....L.....I"  But then, I look at your paper and it reads, "I L A" or "I A L"  or "L A I" or "L I A".  It's great.  But many times you do get it in the right order...ALI!

Ali, did you know that a lot of things "make you do" a lot of things.  Another example.  I found you in the bathroom the other day.  The floor and walls were all covered in water - the towel was completely soaked.  I asked, "Ali, what happened?"  with all seriousness and a straight face you say, "The water just made me play!"  I love it!  You are hilarious!

You are a wonderful big sister to Adalyn and also a wonderful little sister to Andie.  I know it's hard being a middle child - and you often feel like you don't get enough attention.  But we love you so much.  I love your endless giggles - that come out with just about any gesture or look.  I love your pretty smile and sense of fashion.  You wear the greatest outfits and shoes!  It's great.  We love you so much Ali!!

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Monica said...

I love her comment about the water making her play lol too cute!