Monday, February 6, 2012

All about ADALYN

Dear Miss Adalyn - YOU, are SO FUNNY!!!  I am loving this stage and struggle with this stage all at the same time.  It's a good thing you're so cute - because some really know how to test the limit!

Where, oh where to begin with you!  You are 20 months old....crazy to believe.  You LOVE your sisters and think you are as big as them - therefore making life very fun and interesting.  You love to repeat words and just about anything we say.  "Hello, Cee Ya, Bye-bye, Wuove ew"  You are very good at communicating.  If we asked, "Do you want a drink of milk?"  You quickly respond "YEAH!" or "NO!"  Same thing with crackers, lunch, breakfast.  You also have hollow legs - did you know that?  You can out eat about any one of us.  When we dish you up - you are ready for seconds before mom and dad even get to the table.  Lately I even start you out with more and you still chow down.  You are very good at asking, "more, more?" and saying, "Peas" and "Ssane Sue" (Thank you). 

Besides eating, your next favorite activity is "wach movie?"  The moment you wake up, you run into mom and dad's room and turn on the little TV.  You love to take out the Videos and exchange them for another one.  You'll watch anything.  If you're downstairs - you are CONSTANTLY getting into the DVD's (which drives me crazy!)  I will try and kindly ask you to stop touching and you just say, "wach movie?"  I say, "You want to watch a movie?"  You respond, so excitedly, "YEAH!" then you go grab some remote, sit on the couch and wait for something to pop up.  Once it's on - you go put the random remote back and go back to the couch.  After about 5 or 10 minutes, you get bored and start closing the doors on the TV.  Other interested parties (aka Ali) get frustrated and the TV ends up being turned off.  10 minutes after that, you repeat the above said by saying every so sweetly, "Wach movie?"  As if it's a brand new idea! 

Miss Adalyn, you love your "baby, binky and blanky!"  You are good and keep them in the crib for sleeping time - but you get so excited to see each of them - and ALL of them must be present before any sleep can be accomplished.  You like to hold a second binky and rub it by your eye to fall silly.

You love to sing and dance.  You LOVE "Popcorn Popping", "Ring around the Rosie" and "Shake, Shake"  If I could, you would love me to sing those non-stop all day long.  You also love to play with the ABC toys and you love to play hide n' seek.  You always come running to me and say, "hide, hide"  You also love to tackle.  If anyone is laying on the floor - you will run full force and jump on them or just fall on them.  You love to climb on everything - get stools so you can see everything.  You are all over!!

Adalyn, you are also so sweet.  If you see a certain stuffed animal or toy that belongs to one of the girls, you take it too them and say, "here."  They don't even ask for it, but are always grateful to you.  You love to go to nursery and play with your friends!  You love Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Tys!  Anytime we are on the computer you say, "Granma!"  I say, "You want to skype with Grandma" and you get excited, "YEAH!"  Then you always point to grandpa picture too - "GRANDPA!"  You love to play with our phones and always say, "Tys!"  I say, "Do you want to call Tyson?"  again, "YEAH!"

We love you so much little Adalyn.  You are so much fun, even when you're crazy!  We love your little smiles (including your crazy eye cheese!)  You're just great!


lillie said...

That was fun to read all about your girls. They will love having that and being able to look back at what they are doing now! Good idea

Monica said...

I'm glad my almost two year old isn't the only one obsessed with movies hehe you have quite the fun bunch of girls!