Monday, February 6, 2012

All about ANDIE!

I see many of my friends make fun lists of what their kids do.  So - I decided I would journal about some of the things I see in my triple A's.

Andie - You are 5 years old, and so smart.  You've already lost two teeth and just keep growing, despite my request to you to stop growing.  You LOVE to learn.  You are in Pre-k and top of your class.  You love to read, spell, draw, sort, do patterns and recognize and question so many things.  You love to play outside, ride your bike, sidewalk chalk and you're best friends with your sister, Ali.  Your favorite colors are pink, red and blue.  You love chicken nuggets and ask for them anytime I ask you what you want for dinner.  You also love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  You eat one every single day for lunch!  I love it.

Some funny things that I love about you.  You are very conscientious when we are driving and have been from a very young age.   Once you learned it - you always watch the stop lights.  You remind me often that green means go, yellow means slow down and red means stop!  Your new favorite thing to do is ask me how fast I am driving.  "Mom, are you going slow, medium or fast?"  I usually say medium.  Then you say, "Mom - the speed limit says 45, that's medium?"  You are quick to inform me on any speed limit sign you see.  Thanks for helping me me a good driver.

You also LOVE to help me cook in the kitchen.  You are very anxious to watch whenever I am making anything and often ask if you can make your own sandwich.  You especially love if we get the "cookie maker" out and love to make cookies. 

Andie, you also love to do anything to do with media, but especially music.  You have always had a keen ear for music.  You love to sit at the piano and play through the recorded songs.  You love to listen to and dance to songs on the ipod.  You have all of the cd's memorized in the car and know which numbers are your favorite!  "Mom - can I please listen to #5 now."  or  "Mom - please skip it to #11."  I love how smart you learn things.  The other day, you and Ali were watching Sound of Music and Ali wanted to see the puppet show.  You said, "Ok, then we have to rewind it.  Ali rewind means to go back and fast forward means to go forward and we need to go back!"  You memorize things so quickly!  You also love to play on the Wii (when Dad is home) and you love to play and starfall on the computer!  We could also say that you love Netflix and your taste in cartoon switches every few months.  You are currently on a "Shaun the Sheep" kick, but you also love leapfrog, dragon tails, super why and many others.  You love to watch movies - and your favorite has always been CARS, but you also love RIO.  You even love Mamma Mia, because "I love the music."  I love that you love music so much!

Most of all Andie - I love that you are learning and striving to choose the right.  You are great at saying your prayers, reading scriptures with the family (and you read the verse all by yourself!) and learning your articles of faith.  You are working on #12 right now - but have memorized the first 11.  That is amazing for a 5 year old.  You are great at listening - especially with a little motivation.  You love to help pick-up and you love to vacuum.  You are also great at helping put the clean clothes away.  You are a great big sister and a very good friend to Ali and Adalyn.  You love primary and your teachers.  We love you so much Andie!!


Monica said...

I'm impressed she has most of the articles of faith memorized already! Katie and I think you're a super mom and wish we could be more like you :)

Natalie said...

This is priceless! Your girls will loves these. I love all the details you put in. What a cute girl Andie is and what a lucky one to have such a great mom to hone in on her skills and talents and help her recognize and achieve them!