Friday, January 16, 2009

Stop Growing

I forgot to mention that both of the girls had their check-up this week. All I have to say is they need to STOP GROWING!!!

Andie, is now 2!! Need I say more? She weighed in at 28.5 oz. and is 35 inches tall!

Ali is 9 months!! She weighed in at 20.1 oz. and is 30 inches tall!

Can you believe it! My baby is going to surpass her sister anytime now! It is crazy! Andie really hasn't changed weight/height since she was 18 months. Her hair is getting longer and her comprehension of everything has expanded...but her growth is at a stand still. Hopefully she will start eating her veggies again sometime soon!! (Really, she cries if you put ANYTHING in front of her that is a do they know the difference? Suggestions are welcomed!)

Were are grateful for Shawn's parents coming to watch the girls on our trip. Here they were visiting Shawn's office on campus (He has one of the nicer ones, which we are lucky!!)

Shawn is such a great dad!! The girls LOVE him and have so much fun with him!
Andie does have a nice side!! She is a great big sister and is learning so much! We are definitely seeing more "2 year old" moments - but that comes with life, right?
Ali loves to crawl in the box and play peek-a-boo. I am so grateful for the wonderful family I have. How blessed I am!!


The Pratts said...

Stop growing is right! Okay I have many comments...

I make pancake patter just like regular and then put a ton of baby food veggies in also, like 4-6 size 2 tubs. Only the orange colored ones, I think Emma might question green pancakes. But I put in squash and carrots with no problems. Also somebody told me to crop broccoli up really fine and put it in spaghetti sauce. I haven't tried it, but I but it is possible. I also get the V8 Vusion, it taste like juice but 8 oz has a full veggie and fruit serving. Jerry Seinfeld's wife actually wrote a book that I have paged through in the book store all about sneaking veggies in... good luck!

Ali is a thumb sucker - I didn't know. I think Carson is also, every time he starts to get tired and doesn't have his binky he goes for his fingers, it is actually kinda cute. But because I love binkys so much... I am holding on to it! haha :)

The girls are getting so big! I love Andie's stage though... it only gets more fun, but as she starts comprehending more and talking more, it is so fun to have little conversations. Just for a comparison, Emma was just under 33 lbs at her last visit (about 3 weeks ago - flu shot) and Carson was 22 or 23 I think - but he feels like a tank to me! Ali - what are they feeding you? Are you eating all of Andie's veggies?

I miss you all so much! Love you guys!

Jamie said...

They are both adorable!

Shannon said...

It is soooooo refreshing to know I am not the only one with a 2 year old. Good thing they have their cute sides!