Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year Resolutions

We finally were able to sit down this week and make goals for our family. I am very excited for them and think we will have a GREAT year if we stick to them. So far, I am glad to report, we have been diligent with each one. Andie was even helping today with #10. Teach them while they are young, right?

First of all, we wanted to incorporate the Stake goals for this year which are as follows:
2009 Athens Georgia Stake Family Goals
1. Study the scriptures at least 15 minutes each day
2. Have a Family Home Evening lesson each month on the Christ-like attribute correlating to the assigned High Council topic (PMG pp. 115-126).
3. Have a 3-month supply of food, and work toward a 1-year supply.
4. Pray daily and seek for missionary experiences.
5. Study the General Conference issues of the Ensign.
6. Render 2 hours of service in your community each month.

From that, we worked to form our own family goals - so here you go!

2009 Broderick Family Goals
1. Scripture Study (Personal) 15 minutes a day
2. Scripture Study (Family) 1 chapter a day
- Finish the Book of Mormon and Start the Doctrine & Covenants
3. FHE on Sunday at 4:00pm (Shawn has class on Monday Nights)
- 3rd Sunday of each month, study from PMG and discuss High Council topic
4. Family Prayer (Before school and before bed)
5. Temple - 3rd Friday of every month until it closes. (It is closing for major renovations sometime in May and will be closed for 18 months or so. When that happens, we might have to adjust this goal, because we will be assigned to the Columbia SC temple 3 hours away! Be grateful if you live near a temple! We are lucky to have one only 1 1/2 away!!)
6. VT/HT to be done by the 3 week of each month
7. Exercise daily
- MWF we are up at 7am, read scriptures and then do Tae Bo for 30 mins.
- TTH we are up at 6am, read scriptures and then do Tae Bo for 30 mins.
- Sat/Sun we get a break from exercising, but still read scriptures!!
8. Have at least one Date Night a month
9. Create a Dinner Calendar each week on Sunday and shop for everything for the week on Monday
10. Deep Clean on Saturday morning, after scriptures - bathroom, vacuum, dust, mop, etc. Clean on daily basis as needed.
11. Read the General Conference Issues together as we travel to and from the temple
12. Andie and Ali help pick up toys before bed
13. Shawn and Molly to bed by 10:00pm

It seems like a long list, but it is a perfect list for us at this point. So far, we have not missed a day on anything, except for the temple this month. It is closed for cleaning until the end of the month! Oh well, we will get there in February.


Josh and Jenna said...

I think it is a great list! The dinner calendar is the only way to go. It saves me! What a great wife/mom you are!

Natalie said...

What an awesome list. I love all the specifics! Also wonderful for your stake to share such great goals.

And after you create your meal list for the week would you please send them to me and I'll just make the same thing!

Shannon said...

I am pretty sure that is the temple Shane travels to. I know it is in SC. He said it is super small and I believe you have to make appointment. It is a blessing to have a temple close. Good luck on your goals.

Angela and Ethan said...

Hey Sister! I love your blog, and your family is ADORABLE. And oh my heck, you are one motivated mommy. Really, you put my new years goals to shame. So glad to see that you are doing so well.

Angela (Sister Jones)

Southern Belle said...

Way to go on the new year resolutions!!!

The P*dunc's said...

MOLLY! Hi! Rachael had you link, so I followed it.

Kristen (Steele)

Grandma Tii said...

wow! great goals and even more impressive that you are doing them!

The Pratts said...

Wow....very impressed like everyone else. You have such a darling family Molly. It's so fun to see all the captured pics of Andie & Ali. They are both growing up way too fast. When are we going to see them again? Hopefully sooner than later? Miss you all.

Delynn said...

Molly--you seriously make all us other moms look bad. You have the most beautiful kids, on a great schedule, have time to read scriptures, etc. and stay so happy through it all. You are incredible!!