Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finding Joy in the Journey

I suppose it is appropriate that my lesson in RS for the month of February is on President Monson's talk, "Finding Joy in the Journey!" I will be the first to say, it has been difficult this past week to find joy in the journey. Let me recap.

Monday Morning: Andie is watching cartoons - pukes all over
10 minutes later - pukes again
1 hour later - again - So, we get her a bucket and it becomes her new best friend!

Monday evening - after a day of throwing up, constant diarrhea, and looking like Casper the friendly ghost, she conks out on the couch at 5:30.
Throwing up commences again at 8:00pm and continues throughout the night.

Tuesday - Andie has major diarrhea but no longer throwing up
Tuesday 4:00pm - Ali throwing up - 30 minutes later, Ali throwing up again.
Shawn gets home from school, Molly and Andie off to Walmart to get pedialite. 9:30pm - Molly throwing up - finally all are in bed and Molly and Ali are up about every 30 minutes using the restroom! YUCK!

Wednesday - Andie is doing great and throws up in the afternoon - Ali and Molly not so great, Molly slept from 1-5

Thursday - Shawn wakes up and YEP - off to the bathroom - too bad he is leaving for Utah.
Thursday - Both girls continue to have constant need of diaper change - Molly feeling 100% better! Thursday night - 11:00pm, Molly finally in bed, Ali explodes diaper. 11:15 - Ali is back in bed with new clothes, sheet and diaper. 11:30 - Molly falling asleep 11:31pm - Andie throwing up - ALL OVER - by far, grosser than cleaning out a turkey before cooking it!
11:35 - Molly on phone with mom, "Send Shawn back!!!" Andie gets a bath, change sheets, comforter, clothes, diaper, start laundry all while Ali is screaming in bed - get Andie clean (screaming also). Make Ali a bottle - Molly, Andie and Ali sleeping on the trundle bed.

Friday -
more diarrhea, but no more throwing up!!

Saturday SURPRISE!!!! More diarrhea, about every 20 minutes BOTH girls need a new diaper. After the 3rd for each of them within an hour - they go to the bath! We had oatmeal, bananas and milk for breakfast - Andie just got a string cheese for a snack!

Do my kids look like they are sick?

All in all, we have had more time to spend together, relaxing and remembering all the reasons we love Shawn!! He helps out with dishes, takes out the trash, picks up toys, wakes up with the girls at night - and a whole lot more!!! We sure love you Shawn and can't wait for you to get back tonight! On another positive note - I lost 3.5 lbs. this week (I guess sometimes it is good to be sick!) We will see if it comes back! Thanks also to Joy, LeAnn and Mara for constantly checking in with me offering your help - running to Walmart for me, lending me your car - just being GREAT friends!! I am so blessed to be surrounded by great people!


Molly said...

I just have to tell you all, Andie has been watching that video over and over - saying, "Ali soo funnny....Andie sooo funny!" She is a character!

Josh and Jenna said...

I hate throw up! Give me a cold and a cough anyday over the stomach bug. Kids do not comprehend "run to the toilet"!!! Good luck and I'm so sorry!

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

Yep, ya just finally have to give them a bucket or a bowl of some sort. It's the only way to get through it! It is so nice once they can make it to the bathroom! Half of our children can do this, so that is good! I very much related to this post. The twins have usually gotten sick at the same time. Two good(joy in the journey) things: It makes you love and appreciate Shawn(and your friends) even more, and hey a few pounds lost isn't a terrible thing, right? I sure hope you are all better soon. You are such a trooper!

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

I'm going to go look in the Church News...I almost forgot because Tanner was baptized today!

Jeff and Elise McGee said...

Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine what I would do! I'm glad for you that this week is over :)

The Pratts said...

Yuck, what did you guys eat? You must have downed a box of salmonella peanut butter cookies or something.

Natalie said...

yuck! are you all better now?!