Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ode to Aspen 11th Ward

New Boundaries were created for our old ward - that's crazy!! So, for all you readers out there - we love you and wish you luck for your new adventures, meeting new people. It is a great thing!! Although, it would have been a sad day to still live in Utah and not live in the 11th ward boundaries. It was (is) a great ward and now the 6th ward is better too!! I am glad we were a part of it!! I am sure the changes will be different, but remember that the Lord has a reason for all!!

Congrats to the 2 new counselor's for Bishop Backman. Brooke does this mean you finally get released??? ha,ha!

Lot's of changes in the Stake, but it will be great!


emilyring said...

It's going to be so different going to new ward on Sunday but very interesting too.

I remember our first Sunday in the 11th Ward real well. I ran into a familiar face to my family-Roger Dunn. He was in my dad's BYU ward before he got married.

I also fell going into the cultural hall in the Stake Center because I didn't know it was raised. ;) Sunday School was in the Cultural Hall.

Brooke said...

You are so funny! is official. I am no longer the RS President of the Aspen 11th ward. I have to say that I have had very mixed feelings about it though. I think that the changes have helped in the sense that when I am sitting in RS now all of "MY" RS sisters aren't there because they've been moved into 3 other wards. Does that make sense?
I am very pleased with our new presidency...(Darladee)They are going to be great!
And now I get to be with the YW. I am really looking forward to that. Still a little nervous, but I will be working with amazing women in the stake so I feel very blessed!
I still wish you were here in Utah, I run into your dad every once in a while and we chat about you and those darling little girls!