Monday, December 27, 2010

What a BUSY month!

Just you wait - we have had such a fun month. Rather than start with Christmas and work backwards, we'll start how we had planned. I've just not taken the time to post the following. Enjoy.

FUN CRAFTS As it's been getting colder outside, I decided the girls needed to keep busy with some crafts this month. Really, nothing outstanding - but simple and fun for them.
They enjoyed making "countdown" chains with their friend. Andie made a birthday countdown and Ali made a Christmas one.

That took so much out of them - here they are relaxing!! I love this picture.

Next we made SNOWMEN out of cotton balls and I made a snowball (I'm holding it with Adalyn.) They sure had fun making these.

Then - I decided to make CIRCLE SKIRTS

These were relatively easy

And turned out adorable.

I think the jackets completely make the outfit!!!

I didn't make one for Adalyn because I couldn't find the jacket in her size. However, she did have this adorable pink dress and shoes my grandma had sent when she was born. With it being cold, I put a white turtle neck under it, but she still looked so cute!!

My cute little girls!!

Next, time for some BAKING What do you get when you mix RITZ, chocolate chips and peppermint extract?

Homemade girls scout cookies. My niece Amber had made these in achievement days - so we had to try them!! They were DELICIOUS!!!

During the 2nd week of December, our good friends went on a cruise - so we played parents to SEVEN little girls. We had a blast and love these little girls to death!!

We had homemade cream of broccoli soup for dinner one night - and I had ordered bread bowls to go along with it. YUMMY!


We had a LOT of candy!!

And the girls had a lot of FUN

As you can tell - ALI didn't really follow the rule of "no eating too much candy while you biuld"

SANTA That night, we had the ward Christmas Party! The girls were excited to see Santa!
Adalyn wasn't quiet sure what to think!!

Ali kept calling him "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

After Santa, Andie kept thinking it was CHRISTMAS!! So, we made another countdown - the one like Curious George, in "A very MONKEY Christmas!"

Andie wrote all the numbers by herself. Very good Andie!!

HAIRCUT At last, I caved and decided to cut the jewish locks. :) Here is the BEFORE
I know she is going to LOVE me for this picture when she's older.


We've had a very busy month, as you can see. Still to come...Andie's Birthday, our trip to Florida (Sea World and Magic Kingdom), and of course CHRISTMAS!!!!

Happy Holidays!!


Grandma Tii said...

fun fun projects, pictures and girls.

Southern Belle said...

I LOVE the matching outfits you made/put together for the girls, seriously adorable!! I wish I knew how to sew! It is probably good I don't or I would spend every second of my day making matching outfits, haha... that is weird to think that ritz crackers are an ingredient to girl scout cookies! I still need to schedule a time to learn that hymn... let me know when your big trips are over and we can get together:)

Southern Belle said...

Wahoo! Looks like a lot of fun. I miss talking to you and hanging out. We need to plan a girls night or just a hang out time.

lillie said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun, 7 kids- WOW
Love the skirts, real cute.
What a funny hair pic. Such a cute haircut!!