Thursday, December 30, 2010

Florida Trip - Day 2

On Wednesday, the 22nd, we went to Magic Kingdom with Stephen and his family!! WOW - THANKS for all the fun!! It was so great to be with them and enjoy the day together. Here are a few (ok, 17 pictures) highlights from the trip.

Riding the Carousel with Mary Poppins

I loved that they said Adalyn had to be buckled on her own horse. She loved it too!
Stephen and Logan

Andie and Logan waiting in line for the BIG "little kid" roller coaster. We sure had a lot of fun getting to know Logan. The little kid is a stud, full of LOTS of energy!

Meeting Mickey and Minnie! I found the girl's shirts at Target for only $5. I was sad when I could only find Adalyn and Ali's size. They were out, however destiny took over. I called Cammie, who was still in Utah and asked if she was stopping by Target, to see if they had any. Sure enough, they did! So, all three girls were matching! They were so adorable!! Everyone loved the shirts, including Minnie!

Trevor and Adalyn. Trevor is such a little cutie. Adalyn is 6 week older than him, but he is a little heavier. Such cute and fun babies!!

"CINDERELLA, CINDERELLA, CINDERELLA!!!" This is what you heard from little Ali as we entered the room full of Disney Princess'. It was so cute! She was SOOOOO excited!


Sleeping Beauty! She loved Adalyn and asked if she could keep her till 5pm. :)

Me and my brother

Happy Babies!!!

Here was the castle, all lite up for Christmas. It looked amazing, like it had snowed. We had a great time and were so lucky to spend it with family. The girls had a wonderful time too. It was fun to take them on all the rides. Andie and Ali were even tall enough and brave enough to ride Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. Ali LOVED splash mountain "MOM! We got wet!" While Andie had the look of horror! Andie enjoyed Big Thunder Mountain and when we got off that one Ali said, "Mom, that was too scary for me." Oops. Oh well, how many kids at age 2 1/2 can say they've been on those rides. So fun!!
As you can see, by the end of the day we wore them out good. We watched the electrical parade and then headed home. They fell asleep on the walk to the car. We saw the fireworks as we were walking in the parking lot.

We had a great time. Thanks again Steve and Cammie for coming to our corner of the country!!! We sure love you!

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