Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Andie turns 4!!!!

Believe it or not - my little girl is growing up!! I deny it fully! It has been the talk of the town (well, household) for at least 6 months now. "I'm going to be FOUR!!!" So, naturally, we tried to do what any set of parents might do - we made her big day as special as we could!
I even decorated a chair, just for her - and of course...
EVERYTHING was wrapped up in PINK!!

Boy oh boy - did we hit it right!! Look at the smile on her face. And she absolutely LOVED the streamers and balloons on the ceiling fan!

She picked out her own birthday breakfast. Waffles from the freezer and "Smiley" juice

Present Time

She was excited for everything....

....and so were her little sisters!!

She got new shoes from Grandma T - and of course had to wear them from the get go. (We didn't even get a chance to take off the bands - she just wanted them on!) Thanks Grandma T!!! (and Grandpa too!)

The big gift, was a "laptop" from Mom and Dad. She loves it - but I think Ali loves it just a little bit more. It teaches letters, phonics, games, music and more. They have had a good time with it so far!

Sporting her new birthday outfit from Grandma and Grandpa! Thanks again!

Of course - we had to get picture with the "birthday" chair. She really thought that was the coolest thing and was so sad when I had taken everything off 2 days later.

We had a RS Service Auction in November and I won a decorate cake. So - I had her make the cake for Andie's Birthday! It was perfect!! Thanks Sara! (They are actually Andie's primary teachers as well - so Andie thought it was extra special!!")

She loved the butterflies!

We invited a few neighbors over for a Wii Mariokart tournament against Andie. She sure loved playing with them. We had dinner, cake and ice cream and a really fun day! Thanks also to Grandma and Grandpa Broderick for her new coloring books and crayons and Grandma Nicholls for her birthday money! She chose to get chicken nuggets on our trip to Florida!!

We sure appreciate all of the support to help Andie have a great birthday!! She is such a wonderful daughter - a great big sister and a wonderful friend! We sure love you Andie!!

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