Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Florida Trip - Day 1

The week of Christmas, we drove down to Florida to see my brother and his family. They were visiting Orlando from Alaska, and we figured this would be a great opportunity to see them. (you know, since Georgia and Alaska aren't really to two closest states in the country!) We had a GREAT time and were so glad we went!

We drove down Monday and little baby looked to cute in the "bath" that I had Shawn snap a picture. The sink in the hotel was just perfect. Speaking of hotel - did you hear of our great deal? I always use price line if we have to get a hotel. We've found that 2 1/2 star is the perfect rating for us. It always includes a HOT continental breakfast and is a good hotel. Well, for this trip - I got our hotel for $27/night. It ended up being at the Marriott Suite, so the room was BIG, with two TV's and a separate room with a couch and a little kitchenette. It was awesome. PLUS, we got an awesome free breakfast every morning and parking was free - so it was a great deal!! Anyway, back to the trip....

The first day we went to Sea World as a family. We saw all of the shows - basically one every hour - it worked out great. The girls had so much fun and we were ALL so fascinated by the animals and what they've been trained to do!

We saw the dolphin and whale show, then Pet's Ahoy! That was an awesome show done by mostly cats and dogs. The routine was hilarious and simply amazing how each animal played their part. I think nearly 50 animals were used in that show.

Then we saw Shamu and his whale friends. I wasn't too impressed with their show. We decided we liked the dolphins better because they flip around and such.

We all LOVED the sea lion and otter show....Clyde and Seamore. It was hilarious and the sea lions are really active and funny too!!

We were excited for the "Polar Express" ride, but you had to be 42 inches tall, so we got to walk it, rather than take the train. Oh well. Andie was a little bummed, Ali and Adalyn knew no difference. The girls have come to love the movie and have watched it many times this month.

Next we got to watch the Sesame Street Christmas Show. This was definitely the favorite of the girls. They were giggling and laughing and singing right along to the Christmas carols. It was great!! It's so fun to see your kids SO happy!!

The night ended watching an ice skating show. It was also very entertaining and fun to see.

We went to other shows and saw other things, but I decided to try and cut back on the many pictures. Maybe once I get all my posts done, I will do a slide show of all the pictures from our trip.

We sure had a great time and really enjoyed Sea World. Great memories!!


Southern Belle said...

Whew! What a fun trip. I am posting about all of them on this one. I bet the princesses were a big hit. Cute idea to get them all matching shirts too. What a fun way to spend Christmas break!

lillie said...

Looks like a fun trip. Those are always the best holidays. They will remember it forever!