Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun= Breakfast, Rain & My Boot

We have had to get creative this last week - it has rained EVERY single day since....hmm...I can't remember - a solid week for sure, maybe even longer. The last few days, it has really come down. It was reported that Atlanta received 20 inches in 2 days. It's been crazy. Guess What - it is still raining as we speak. We are grateful for the rain, and it has not caused any problems for us.....knock on wood.

Here is a picture of the little "pond" behind our house. 2 weeks ago, it was dry - nothing. Tonight I looked out and it had passed the trees. YIKES. It is forcasted to all week again - so we'll see how long it takes to make a lake!!

My girls LOVE cereal. Every meal I ask, "What do you want?" and the response is always CEREAL!!! Although at times it would be cheap and easy to serve cereal at every meal, I don't. However, they do eat it about every morning for breakfast.Ali has graduated herself to sitting at the table and insists on using a utensil at every meal...correction, holding a utensil!

Here is Ali enjoying breakfast....she cracks me up. I especially love her little victory dance at the end. She wiggles those hips EVERY time she is excited.

Finally, here is a picture (courtesy of Andie!) of the lovely boot I have been sporting around for the past 2 weeks.
Last Thursday the doctor said my Achilles tendon is healing, but needs more time. He reassured me again how it was "the LARGEST knot in my tendon he had EVER felt/seen and was shocked it hadn't ruptured." He really is proud at how well I injured my self. I go to a physical therapist tomorrow to learn stretches for it and continue the "healing" process. I am allowed to not wear my boot, unless it starts hurting again. I have found that when I am wearing high heals that it doesn't hurt. I didn't wear the boot at all yesterday and part of the day today and it is already sore - so, like my mom and doctor have suggested - MORE BOOT!

I am sad that I still can't run - I was enjoying that - but it is more important avoid further damage. I just have to find another way to exercise!


Southern Belle said...

Seriously...I too am so sick of rain. Hey, the boot is great. You get all sorts of sympathy. Oh and I love the cereal.

Brandon and Jen Jensen said...

I'm sorry about the boot! I sure hope it helps it heal fast!

Katie Jo said...

I HATE THAT... when you work out alot and then get injured and can't work out anymore. Hmmm... you could try yoga and just not use that part of your foot?? :) I'd go play in the rain if I were you... oh, but wait... you have a boot! HAHAH

Sharron said...

Double ouch ! Take your time healing, it's worth it!

Natalie said...

Okay this is the first I've heard about your "boot." Did I miss something?! Yuck.

And as for cereal... we DO eat it for dinner sometimes, if fact just last night!

emilyring said...

I had to have surgery to stretch the tendon in my right foot as kid. I was in cast for a month.

I go to physical therapy pretty regularly-to maintain. I also found a yoga DVD for the Physically Challenged.

gregg + camille said...

I love your blog. I had not read it in a while and just spent some time catching up! Sounds like some fun adventures. I am going to try the runing thing (run a mile, walk two minutes). I need to loose some more baby weight :( Hope you have a great week!