Monday, September 28, 2009


Shawn had a conference in Atlanta last week. He actually presented at this conference, a portion of his Thesis from his Master's Degree that he earned at BYU. It was a great opportunity to expose his name in his field. He did a great job too!

His presentation was at 8:20am on Friday morning - so we made a mini family vacation and got a hotel room for Thursday night. It was perfect - and always so much fun to spend time together as a family.We stayed in the heart of downtown Atlanta at the Holiday Inn. It was VERY nice and we got an awesome deal through priceline, "Name your own price" - we payed $39. It was great!
Shawn had gone to Atlanta early Thursday morning. The girls and I drove out Thursday afternoon and got us checked into the Hotel. When I opened up the door to our room, Andie said, "Oh!!! Cute Bed!" It was so funny. I wish you could hear her high pitched voice.They had fun, enjoying a snack and watching TV while waiting for Dad to be done with meetings for the day.When Shawn was done, we walked 2 blocks up from our hotel for dinner. We were thinking of eating at the Hard Rock Cafe, but across the street from it, we found Jalapeno Charlie's!! It was a delicious mexican food! The fun part too, was our waitress was from RUSSIA. We explained to her that my parents lived there and she looked at us and ask (confused), "Why did they move to Russia?"
We took a few pictures of downtown. Hard to see what anything is on ground level.
The room only came with ONE queen size bed, so I packed the blow up materess hoping there would be room - yipee, there was. All the girls wanted to sleep on the bed, which Dad enjoyed as well. Andie eventually joined Dad and Ali stayed with me in our fun purple bed!
We had a great time - I will post the rest of our pictures in a slide show - to come. The next day while Shawn was in the conference, the girls and I walked one block in the opposite direction of food. We saw the CNN center - where Shawn had his conference, Centennial Olympic Park, the Coca-Cola Factory and the Georgia Aquarium. It was fun to walk around and take pictures. We didn't enter anything because the Coke factory was $15 or $30 to enter and the Aquarium was $27. CRAZY!!

I thought of my sister-in-law Summer, who loves Atlanta - wish you could have been here!

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The Pratts said...

Yeah - I bet you guys had a blast - Atlanta is one of my favorite places to visit. Jared and I went there before we were even dating and had the best weekend. Did you go to the Underground Railroad or The Coke Headquarters - so much fun! Glad to see all the pictures.