Friday, September 11, 2009

Enrichment - Back to School, Back to Basics

We had our quarterly enrichment last night - and it turned out great. I was put in as the Enrichment Leader back in April and had a hard time with it at first. I loved the callings I had previous and wasn't ready to be released. Enrichment takes so much time, creativity, planning and energy. However, last night was a success, I enjoyed preparing it and do enjoy my calling (even if it's not my calling of choice.)

We had a "Back to School, Back to Basics" theme for the night. I made invitations with an unsharpened pencil attached that said, "Come SHARPEN your skills in building family unity by getting back to the basics of the gospel. We had 6 tables decorated with a school different school subject. I had 6 different sisters take a table and they were SO creative. I absolutely LOVED each table and the ideas that came. It was perfect.

Joy and I decorated the Math table - she did most of it. I just decorated the paper. (ps - yes, I learned that the church tables are 8 ft. long, not 6ft.)

The "P.E." table was a favorite...thanks to Wendi and her cute kids!!
The "Music" table - so colorful and fun - Thanks Kadee!!

Our "English" table featured different Authors, their lives and books - it was really well done. Thanks to Sister Winger (former UGA English teacher!)

Sister Cochran with "Art". SO creative and so cute!

Whittney decorated our "Communication" class table. A more difficult topic to display - but she did awesome and it was great!

The evening included "school lunch" (baked potato bar, salad, rolls and cobbler.) As they were eating, I introduced our assembly. I started out talking about the importance of family unity and then showed 4 Mormon ad commercials about families. You've seen them, they are great. After the movies, I told them the backpacks on the chairs are not only decoration, but in them they would find an assignment to complete as a group. The backpacks were full of props and instructions to make their own mormon ad, using the props and featuring a "basic" theme of the gospel. Our themes were: personal & family scripture study, personal & family prayer, family home evening, serving others and the For Strength of Youth pamphlet. The skits were GREAT and so funny. I think everyone had a great time and enjoyed.

I concluded giving them each homework, to take what they have learned tonight and apply it into their own families. I used a talk by President Faust and gave them a handout with the 9 points to strengthen the family.

The superintendent (Bishop Palmer) then closed the night with wonderful words of council and encouragement to help strengthen our marriages and in turn, strengthen our families. It was a great success. I could have done it without all the help of so many. You know who you are - thank you SO much!

We also put together school kits for a RS stake humanitarian project. We had a TON of donated supplies - I forgot to get a count of how many kits we put together - but it looked like a LOT. Thanks everyone - many lives will be blessed.


KofoedFamily said...

It was so fun! You did such a great job. Thanks for all your hard work. We all appreciate it.

Jill said...

WOW!! That sounds like a great night. No wonder you were stressed for the whole week. That is a lot of planning and coordination. You are amazing!! said...

Great enrichment! You're great. Sure looks like it was a success. I hope you are not overdoing on your foot. It needs to heal properly so you don't have long term problems. Listen to your doctor and your MOTHER you!

sdbroder said...

Good job! I'm glad that the night turned out well. I'm excited to hear how the Fabulous Friday will turn out.

Pratt Family said...

Wow...sounds like a great evening. Fun ideas with the decorated tables and backpacks filled with skit items. I bet you're relieved it's over, sounds like a successful evening, good job Molly.