Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Utah Trip with the Broderick's

I guess it's time to post about our summer vacation this year!! My parents were returning from serving a mission for our church. They had been in Russia for 3 years and we were so excited to see them!  We had a blast, flying across the country to UTAH to visit grandma's and grandpa's and many of our cousins!

We had a great trip. Flying with three kids is always an adventure. I had the luxury of having Shawn with us for just one of three flights. It was definitely cute to watch the girls pull their suit cases along! They each felt so important!
Ahh....if only this seating arrangement lasted!  Love my girls.
and I love my husband!  Unfortunately for us girls, Shawn was coming back to GA on a different day and so he had different flights than us.  We all made it together from Atlanta to Dallas.  Then he got to get on a plane about 10 minutes after we landed, while the girls and I got to hang out at the airport for two extra hours.  If you remember our trip from last year, I'm not a huge fan of the Dallas airport.  (look how little the girls were!)  But, we survived and made it safely to Utah!
Shawn's parents now live in Salt Lake City!  It's great that we could visit both families in one trip!  We got to spend the first week with them and had so much fun. The girls loved riding TRAX downtown to Temple Square.  I think it was the highlight of their day!
 Although they are a silhouette, I'm glad I have a picture of each of them in front of the Salt Lake Temple.

 Here is the crew in front of the assembly hall.

 I loved going with my family to listen to the Christus message.  This holds such a special place in my heart.  I served a mission in the Los Angeles California mission, at the visitors center there at the temple.  I listen to this message many times each day - and taught many people more about the church.  Although I tried to explain it to my kids, I can't wait until they are older and really understand the significance of our Savior and the message that He shares with us!  (and although we were not in LA, it was still great to be near the Christus Statue!)
 They girls had SO MUCH FUN swimming in grandma and grandpa Broderick's backyard.  I think they could have done that everyday, all day and been completely satisfied with the trip!

 Adalyn enjoying a book in Deseret Book. 
We were a little rushed by the time we made it to the conference center.  So we quickly peeked in to see inside.  You forget how massive it is.  Then we made it on the last tour to the top - which is always so breath taking!
On top of the conference center!

We were able to go back up a few times after we left.  The girls got to meet their "great" grandma and grandpa Broderick - which was such a treat.  I'm glad we were able to see them!  They live in Tucson and came up, just to visit us!  Not really, it just happened that our trips overlapped - so we were grateful to see them!  The girls had a fun night at the Broderick Family bbq.  They ended up getting in a BIG water fight with grandpa and loved it!
Chuck, Cindy and Angela, our great hosts!
Great Grandma and Grandpa Broderick! 
Grandma and Grandpa Broderick who are also GREAT!!
We had such a fun time!  Thanks again, to grandma and grandpa Broderick for taking good care of us!

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Sharron said...

Beautiful pics of your gorgeous family. So glad you have grandma and grandpa back home. They look like they loved their mission.