Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trunk or Trick or Treat

I've never quiet understood why our church does a trunk or treat. I always thought it was to replace the running door to door - making it safer for the kids. It should be on Halloween, right? But no, we have to dress up twice and prolong the inevitable sugar high all weekend long.

Ali, not sure what to think of the whole thing....hmmm
Let me introduce you to our cute little lady bug!  She did NOT like her costume, unless she was outside.  It was the funniest thing.  The minute she was outside, she didn't pull at the hat or make a fuss.  But inside - she hated it.  I think that just proves the already well known fact - Adalyn LOVES going outside....(even if she has to dress like a lady bug to do it!)
Let me also introduce you to Rapunzel (aka "Tangled") and our witch!  The girls chose their costumes this year.  I was a little nervous, knowing there wasn't much room in the budget.  So, I went the last week of September to a local thrift store and found these sweet costumes.  Ali's cost $1 and Andie's was $2.99.  SCORE!!  Ali's had quiet a few holes and was all tattered and torn on the bottom - but nothing a sewing machine and surger couldn't fix.  It looked great!
Rupunzel after Flynn Ryder has cut her hair, when it's short and brown!  :)
Our cute little witch!
Little lady bug, running all around. 

waiting patiently to get a donut....which of course she loved.
The high-priest were in charge of the trunk-or-treat.  Yeah, you get what you should expect with men in charge.  I can say that, only because Shawn was one of them, and he did great.  The high priest group leader didn't want to open the church, because he didn't want to clean up.  So, we were all stuck in the pavillion, FREEZING cold, with a light rain. 
Shawn did his best to provide games, but you can only do so much with a 5 day advance warning.  Shawn was dressed as "Shaggy" from Scooby Doo and was playing a math trick with all the kids.  There was also a duck pond, a bean bag toss and a cake walk (that no one ended up doing.)  Oh well - it was cold and we all just wanted to go home!
Bean bag toss.
Of course - they did buy 10 dozen Krispy Kream donuts...which were gone in a jiffy!
Andie decorated her face with all the stickers on the ride home....what a goof.
We did take the girls trick or treating last night (on Halloween.)  They were all so cute.  There were SOOOOOOOO many kids out and who knew that parents dressed up too?  Anyway, we did 1/2 of a street in one neighborhood and called it good.  The kids got tons of candy and were so excited. 
Cute little parade of cute little girls.  Adalyn many times just got a piece of candy and just left her bag on the porch and walked away.  It was fun to see how fast she caught on to the idea - she loved it.  By the end, she was holding her bag wide open, walking straight up to the doors.  :)
We had a great Halloween (again? as Ali's asked!)  Hope you did too!

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lillie said...

You should go to 2nd ward's trunk or treat nest year. They went all out with a carnival and dinner- INSIDE
fun fun fun.
Your girls looks so cute.