Thursday, November 3, 2011

Funny with Sonny

Ok - these pictures are back from September 19, 2011. Yes - I warned you I had some catching up to do!  These are just some funny random pictures.  
Adalyn enjoying an apple.
Ali posing funny faces for the camera. (she does this often.  I need to post a page just about Ali!)

Baby not too sure.....I love her little glare.
We were invited to dinner with some friends and got their early, so we headed to Toys R Us for a few minutes and let the kids play.  It was fun to see what they were interested in.
Adalyn LOVED this little car.  Good thing we have something like it at home - and she plays with it (when there are batteries!)
On to Sonny's BBQ.  The first time we ate here, I think I tried too many "new" / southern foods - it did not sit well.  This time, I stuck with only 1 BBQ sauce and not too many crazy sides.  It was good.  If you ever come visit us and you want southern BBQ, we'll take you here!
All the kids!
Thanks Hess' for the invite!
It is always fun to go to dinner - especially when the kids out number the parents (which happens more and more!)  We had a good time together.

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